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NFT collage of the unique ifungi NFTs by artist GAMA. Each NFT is a warning icon calling attention to species extinction and environmental degradation. art and environment

Each mushroom-NFT is a warning icon!

ifungiclub is a collaborative NFT art and environmental project by artist GAMA and thegallery rehearse.

At the heart of the ifungilcub is a collection of 999 mushroom NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) built on the NFT are stored and can be purchased there as unique digital items.


The mushroom is a recurring motif in the oeuvre of the internationally renowned artist GAMA. For him, who grew up as a nomad in Mongolia, the adaptable mushroom that springs up all over the world symbolizes Buddhist rebirth. GAMA combines the hope that the extinct animals as new creatureslive on.

Mushrooms also play an important role in environmental protection and contribute in many ways to maintaining ecological health and the balance in ecosystems. In the NFT art and environmental project ifungiclub, the mushroom is a deliberately chosen motif to draw attention to the pressing global environmental problems of our time, especially the decline in biodiversity. Each of the 999, digitally hand-drawn mushroom motifs created by the artist GAMA is a memorable, warning icon thanks to its strongly graphic and striking expression. 

Aim of the ifungi project “999 by GAMA”

Our project aims to create a strong connection between art and environment by actively involving its ifungiclub community in the mission. With art exhibitions, interesting lectures and absolute transparency in the environmental projects we support as well as strategically strong partnerships, we want to make a successful contribution to protecting our environment with the project. 9.99% of the income from the sale of an ifungiNFT goes into species protection projects that support the preservation and restoration of our precious biodiversity and thus our environment.


GAMA – the artist and creator

roadmap of the ifungiclub

road map


99 NFTs out of 999 are listed for sale on Opensean


99 of the NFTs are printed analog (50 x50 cm on convas, edition of 49) and can be purchased.

Order per mail: or soon here in Onlineshop.



The first 99 ifungiNFTs have been sold: 9.99% of the donations go to an organization that works to protect species and biodiversity.


The next 99 NFTs will be released for sale on Opensea.



Repeat steps 2 and 3 etc. until all 999 ifungiNFTs are sold.

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