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What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”, which can be translated as “non-exchangeable feature”. They act as digital certificates of authenticity and ownership certificates for e.g. B. Works of art. NFTs are used wherever virtual goods are traded as unique items. 

NFTs can only be purchased with a cryptocurrency. When you buy an NFT, it is recorded in a decentralized, transparent blockchain database. Everyone can see who the owner is there. After purchase, however, you do not own a physical work of art, but rather a digital unique piece with a title deed that guarantees you sole ownership. Thanks to blockchain technology, NFTs cannot be forged and digital art is becoming the collector's and investment item of our time.

For more information and knowledge about cryptocurrency and NFTs, we recommend thebitpanda academy.

How and where can I buy an ifungi NFT?

You can find our ifungi NFTs onOpenSea, the largest online marketplace for digital art and other assets.

buying guide


create an NFT enabled wallet 

e.g. via metamask: 

Google Chrome Browser > Chrome Webstore > Use MetaMask 



Cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) buy 

e.g. via Bitpanda, Nuri or 



Select ifungi NFT  

select the NFT on the OpenSea marketplace



Click Buy Now > Confirm Transaction 



ifungi NFT is stored in your digital wallet 


select and buy ifungi -NFTs on OpenSea

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