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Welcome to our NFT art and environmental project for wildlife conservation

GAMA was born in Mongolia in 1977, has lived and worked in Berlin since 2009. His art is full of mysterious symbols such as B. the mushroom, which for him stands for rebirth and runs through his entire oeuvre. In addition to many other encoded symbols, humorous irritations and complex messages that can be discovered in his works, there are always art-historical pictorial quotations such as

e.g. by Caspar David Friedrich or Magrit. 

With the creation of the digital ifungis, GAMA has succeeded in uniting its analog painting with its digital NFT art.

Like the signal of a beacon that draws his attention, the artist illuminates the basic themes of our time in his works without losing the sense of optimism, lightness and magic. In doing so, he sends a signal against the misconception that we humans make nature our subjects – we could squeeze nature into a “room with wooden floorboards” (exhibition photo: beacon). But nature teaches us painfully that this - born of human hubris - is a delusion.

With his digital NFT art and environmental project 999 by GAMA, the artist presents 999 digitally hand-drawn mushroom motifs, in which each individual mushroom is a warning icon (Title: # 898, 2022), spreading his message like a beacon. With the perfection of his craft, which he learned during intensive years of study at the art academies in Beijing and Karlsruhe, the artist manages to artfully bring sensual realities to life in the digital sphere as well

Why should you apply to us?

Together we can make the difference::

We have created an innovative connection between art and environmental protection. By creating unique NFT artworks related to your project, we help you spread your message and raise awareness.for species protection in public. Together we will make our project better known and draw attention to the beauty and importance ofNature and art direct.

The NFT works of art will not only attract attention as unique pieces in the digital world.but we also spread the artistic message through limited analogue prints, gift items and games, Coloring books etc. so that even the littlest ones can learn about our art and environmental project in a playful way and grow up in a world full of love for nature and  art.

We offer financial support:

We would like you with 9 percent of oursincome through the sale of our iSupport fungi NFTs to realize your project and strengthen your commitment to species protection.

How to apply:

Please submit your application by sending us an email. Share your vision and plans with us so that we can work together to preserve biodiversity in Germany. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know your species conservation project better.

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