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The mushroom stem represents the critically endangered pangolins, which are currently among the most illegally traded species in the world. The demand for the animals is high, especially on the Asian market. The scales consist largely of keratin, like our fingernails and toenails, and are used in traditional Chinese medicine, among other things. 

The orangutan mushroom illustrates another endangered species on the Red List.

The slats depict desert dunes, indicative of the "desolation" in many parts of the world. The background bears the name of the desert city of Tel Aviv. Through consistent reforestation in the Negev, Israel has managed to stop the spread of the desert and create forest areas.

NFT meltin galcier | printed on canvas ifungiclub | #096

SKU: #959
Sales Tax Included |
  • NFT printed on canvas.

    Signed and limited edition of 49 pieces.

    Dimensions: 50x50cm

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